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USA History

usa history

"Wockhardt has a strong track record of acquisition management, forming strategic alliances and developing a world-class organization and culture."

Wockhardt Limited created its US subsidiary Wockhardt USA in early 2004 with a modest portfolio of three FDA—approved generic products. Today, Wockhardt USA LLC is a leader in providing high-quality line of generic oral solids, liquids, topicals, and injectables in the United States. We have been producing and distributing quality products in the United States for more than 13 years and have received over 110 ANDA approvals to date.

Chicago-based Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Wockhardt Limited in October 2007 in order to expand Wockhardt's product line in the US. Since 1995. Morton Grove has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of oral liquid and topical pharmaceuticals. The company's core products are manufactured in its 125,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility.

Corporate Information


As a global, research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, we have come a long way. Wockhardt today is an Indian MNC with a multi-ethnic global workforce spanning 27 nationalities; 11 manufacturing facilities across India, the US and Europe; and 3 cutting-edge R&D facilities in India, UK and US.

To maintain our edge in a field that is as highly competitive as it is closely regulated, we have to constantly reinvent ourselves by focusing and building on core values and intrinsic strengths.

The measure of any organisation is the quality of its leadership. At Wockhardt, we have taken significant steps to strengthen leadership and improve and enhance organisational development. The new leadership team in place has brought about visible change that has resulted in an organisational turnaround that has led to improved product availability, better quality and true value addition.

The compliances pertaining to US FDA have our full attention and we are in the process of addressing them to a positive outcome.

Congratulations are in order for Team Wockhardt as it continued with its winning streak of winning several awards for excellence this year too. Finally, the tremendous achievement of Wockhardt's R&D team cannot be highlighted enough. Thanks to their long and focused endeavour in New Drug Discovery in antibiotics, Wockhardt today is the only pharmaceutical company in the world to have 5 NCEs with QIDP status from US FDA that are in Phase II & Phase III clinical trials. A milestone achievement indeed in a milestone year for Wockhardt!

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Management Team

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"An experienced leadership team of industry professionals committed to serving the US healthcare marketplace with high-quality products and innovative treatment solutions and education."